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* Online English tuition- Australia wide personalised tuition and support using safe, secure digital education platforms. We utilise contemporary innovations in learning technology so that each student has access to daily, weekly or fortnightly support. An affordable and convenient solution to improving your skills and results in English.
* Face to face tuition- Available on the NSW Central Coast and in Sydney's Darlinghurst area. Supportive one-on-one English coaching that focuses on your individual learning needs.
* Editing and Proofreading
* HSC English specialist
* K-12 Literacy
* Adult literacy support
* Essay writing
* Creative writing
* Comprehension
* Textual analysis
* Reading, spelling and grammar

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Ange (Based on NSW Central Coast)

Ange is available on the NSW Central Coast for one on one English tutoring. She is a passionate lifelong learner who loves nothing more than being able to share her skills and knowledge to empower and inspire others.

As an experienced English teacher and tutor of over 13 years, she understands what is required to strengthen each student's confidence and develop their ability to achieve the results they really want.

Claire (Based in Sydney's Darlinghurt area)

Claire is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and innovative teacher who loves to connect with students and help them discover their interests and strengths in English.

Her passion first and foremost lies in creating a one-on one connection with a student and tailoring her resources and instruction to their individual needs. She enjoys creating a relaxed atmosphere where students are not afraid to ask questions and experiment with their reading and writing.



Ange has completed a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and her Diploma in Secondary Education, as well as a Master of Arts in English Literature. She is currently completing her PhD in English at the University of Newcastle. `


Claire is a qualified English and Drama teacher with experience both in the classroom and private tutoring for primary and secondary students. She has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English Literature and her Diploma in Secondary Education.

Claire lives in Darlinghurst and can travel to the surrounding suburbs within an approximate 10km radius. If you are not sure if you are within this region, contact Claire to check (she's quite flexible).

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Erina/ Gosford, NSW


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