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Ms Karen Wood

Point Clare, NSW


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I currently help university students with their essays in history, english, nursing, sociology, communications, welfare studies and others. I have experience in several referencing styles including MLA, Chicago, APA and Havard. I can teach you how to plan, draft, write, reference and polish an essay to HD level. I can also proof read your assessments before submission and check over the referencing for you.

I usually meet students at the Ourimbah campus, or other local libraries, or work with them via email and telephone. If you are happy to work together online, it doesn't matter what your location is.


I have been tutoring for about 12 months now and find I really enjoy it, especially when my clients get high distinctions.


Bachelor of Arts (Communications and media)
Post Grad Cert (International Business)
Certificate 4 Training and Assessment
Diploma Horticulture
I am currently completing an MBA in International Business with RMIT.
I also have a 3-book publishing contract with Allen and Unwin, writing teen fiction.

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Point Clare, NSW


Central coast



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12 Jun 2010 12:06 PM

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